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Citroën 2CV Charleston (Scale 1/9)


Here is the legendary French car by Citroën. Manufactured between 1948-1990 and sold more than 5.1 million cars. For more nostalgia I decide to recreate the CHARLESTON model with Burgundy/Bordeaux, black, grey and white mixed colors at scale 1/9. 

Length : 43.2 cm (17 in) / Width : 17.6 cm (6.9 in) / Height : 16.8 cm (6.6 in)

Included functionalities are :

x 2 WD powered by motor PF/M and differential case. Flat motor represented with front fan (air cooled) and exhaust line.

x All 4 wheels suspended independently using same design as original car (2 suspension system mounted horizontally on each side of the platform chassis), with total of 4 separated shock absorbers.

x All doors can be opened and closed separately (4 doors, car trunk with spare wheel included, engine hood).

x 2 sets of LEDs (front and rear) are designed to have front and rear light signature.

x Sunroof is set in open position to represent holidays and liberty.

x And the most important : full complex body colour of CHARLESTON model.

x Total parts (position roof opened) : 2710


Now dear reader, you have the power with your vote to celebrate a symbol of liberty, a French car. Thank you in advance. All comments would be welcomed.

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