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Small Shrimping Boat


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The Story:

Anna and her family live in a picturesque coastal town. She loves reading books but her absolute favorites are about sea adventures and boats. No surprise as the whole town is about sailing and all things coastal. This place is considered to be a hidden gem of the coast as it preserved its authenticity and initial beauty. How can you not become a dreamer in environment like this?
Anna’s parents own a small sea food family restaurant where she helps them out during her summer vacation, however grandpa’s boat is where the real spark in her eyes appears!

About the build:

This model has 1196 pieces including 2 minifigures (Anna and her grandpa) and their playful dog. The boat features realistically looking outriggers and mechanism that unfolds them just like the real shrimping boats do. It has nets, “working deck”, fish hold and most of the real shrimper’s attributes.
Although the build includes a wooden platform to display the boat, it is built in a minifigure scale, therefore will fit any AFOL’s city. 

Inspiration behind the build:

One day I was lucky enough to get my hands on the beautiful Ideas set - Motorized Lighthouse, when out of the blue, a very special to me human being asked me if we had a boat to sail around it. And this is when it sparked!

Easter Egg hunt:

This is already a tradition, so if you noticed any references in the video (watch full version in the updates tab) – let me know in the comments 😊

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