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Building Blocks


LEGO is made from a high grade plastic called ABS. It is time to give this fantastic material the recognition it deserves for it has been fueling the pleasure of children and guilty pleasure of AFOLs around the world since 1963!

ABS is an impact-resistant thermoplastic and amorphous polymer. It is made up of three monomers:

  • Acrylonitrile which contributes to chemical resistance and heat stability
  • Butadiene which delivers toughness and impact strength
  • Styrene which provides rigidity and processability

This model breaks the plastic down in these 3 building blocks. The colours of the atoms match the CPK colour convention. White for hydrogen, black for carbon and blue for nitrogen.

You are able to show the model in 3 different ways: Wall mounted, as a tabletop or stand it upright.

Yes, this project is pretty nerdy, but it definitely looks good in any LEGO-friendly home! So be sure to support the building blocks of LEGO itself!

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