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Rainforest Frogs

Who am I?

Hi! My name is Mario, a spanish student who loves nature, exploring the jungle and the search for adventure and cool animals around the world and I wanted to share with you my passion for wildlife and nature, and my favorite part of my childhood hobby: LEGO

Whats this set about?

I´ve made 3 different frog models and a 6 total frog designs of species that I considered the most representatives of Costa Rica´s enormous biodiversity, I wanted to make them as authentic as possible not only as indiviual animals, but also how they look together as a LEGO creation. I will introduce you these six fascinating creatures:

  • Red Eye Frog

  • Sylvyas Leaf Frog

  • Golden Poison Dart Frog

  • Blue Jeans Frog

  • Blue Dart Frog

  • Masked Tree Frog

Why I believe this would be a great set?

Costa Rica is an example on how we humans can do a positive impact in the ecosystem, preserve its natural balance and beauty, with this LEGO set I wanted to pay tribute to the conservation effort made in Costa Rica, and to enhance its impact among the LEGO community and people. I do believe that LEGO is a powerful way to share this beauty with all the people in the world, and since its promoting the use of recycled plastics in order to produce future sets. I have the conviction that this fits perfectly into the brand and a good way to start doing greater things for the wildlife and the future.

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