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Momo - Avatar: The Last Airbender

I want to live in a world where Avatar: The Last Airbender Lego sets are still being produced! And I believe that in this world, there is room for a buildable figure, similar to the ones from many other Lego themes recently.

Although Appa might be Aang's most useful animal companion, you can't deny that Momo really does his best. Although he didn't know what Katara and Sokka needed when they were sick, he brought them a hoard of treasures while trying to help! This shows immense compassion, and I think that deserves to be celebrated.

He was also on Aang's shoulder for most of the show, and now he can be on yours too!

Features of this set include:
  • Detachable wings, to pose or play with Momo in flight.
  • A posable body, from his ears to his tail.
  • 6 extra bricks to change facial expressions, from cheeky to sleepy.

This submission consists of 401 bricks.

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