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The Hospital


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This modular lego is in a hospital there are rooms for problem patients. The hospital has three floors divided in turn into different rooms: the first floor we find a very large hall in which there is a reception room, a desk to receive new patients, we find on the walls of the library and a dining area at the reception. In the second half of the ground floor there is a door that leads to the upper floor which is accessed through a trap door, a phone that pears communications and bags of the patients guests. The second floor consists of a safe room where patients are welcomed, also there is a wall of medicines to treat patients.

The second half of the second floor is external and includes a scale (external) and a small terrace where the money the hospital is located.

The external staircase leads to a high-security room located on the roof, guarded by an external camera. On the roof we vegetation and transmitting antennas that allow the hospital communications.

We have over 7 minifigures: 3 inmates, three of the people of 'hospital security and a woman who is engaged in' reception.

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