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Arthur, Arthur Read's House

“Introduction” - Arthur Read
“Everyday when you’re walking down the street,
Everybody that you meet
Has an original point of view”
- Ziggy Marley
This is the LEGO Version of Arthur’s house from the classic TV show, Arthur, which was created by Marc Brown and based on the book series of the same name. The show aired on PBS (PBS Kids) on October 7th 1996 till February 21, 2022 with 253 episodes in total. The show teaches kids 4 through 8 valuable life lessons to encourage social skills.
“About the Show” - Francine Frensky and Buster Baxter
Arthur was one of my favorite children’s shows growing up and every morning before Elementary School, I would watch reruns of the show while eating breakfast in my living room. My favorite character of the series is Arthur Read because he wears glasses, does his homework, hangs out with his best friend Buster Baxter, and works hard at school just like me. I have 3 Arthur tapes at home, Arthur’s Great Summer, Arthur Goes to the Doctor, and the Arthur’s Perfect Christmas Special, ALL on VHS, which I have a VHS player. I used to watch those tapes all day during my younger years, even Christmastime. When I started working on the project, I looked at the floor plans of the house, researched every detail of the house, located the different rooms inside the house.
“Characters” - D.W. Read
All 8 characters are featured in the project and the show. Here is the list of characters with their possessions, or accessories.
Arthur Read with the glass bird and his Woogle in both his hands, the medieval sword, and his lucky pencil.
Buster Baxter with the dinosaur fossil and a quarter in both hands.
Francine Frensky with Mr. Ratburn’s bobbin and a DVD of “The Agent of Change” in both hands, El Boomerang, and Muffy’s hat.
Muffy Crosswire with her strawberry butter cookie and a pretzel in both hands, and a Ying Li World Girls doll.
Binky Barnes with his night light in one hand, and the “Piet Mondrian” painting.
David Read with the brownies Arthur made.
D.W. Read with Lucy’s wedding ring in one hand, a rubber duck, and Quakers.
Fern Walters with her phone, and a magnifying glass in her hand.
“What is this set” Prunella Deegan
This LEGO Version of the house has all the different rooms from the first floor and the second floor. The many functions of the house are the hinged sides in front of the house to see the den and living room and removable floors to gain access to the entire house. The first floor includes the living room which features the couch, the piano, mom’s computer and desk and the grandfather clock, the den so Arthur can watch his favorite shows Bionic Bunny or Dark Bunny, or D.W.‘s favorite show, Mary Moo Cow, the foyer which has the stairs going up, the dining room with the table and chairs, and the kitchen with the oven, stove, refrigerator, and a table.
The second floor features Arthur’s bedroom with a model of the Bell X-1, D.W. 's bedroom with her closet and troll dolls, the hallway, the upstairs bathroom, and the parent’s bedroom. Outside the house, you can switch the 1x2x3 bricks with a 1x4x3 brick in yellow which will read “Binky Rules”.
“Why did you make this set” - Fern Walters
I did this 2720 piece set because I always Love designing houses and models out of LEGO, and I am a huge fan of LEGO and its products. If you love Arthur, you will love this project, if you are a LEGO fan, you will love this project, or if you love both of them, you will love this project. Many fans young and old will remember the good old days of reading a book about an anthropomorphic aardvark to the TV series about the aardvark that we have loved for 26 years.
“Why would it be a great LEGO set” - Binky Barnes
Arthur’s House would be a great set for everyone because I believe that librarians, AFOLs, and fans of LEGO will get inspiration from using their imaginations to think up a good way to start a good day.
“Hey, D.W. !” - Arthur
“Hey!” - DW
“Whoa… Ooh!” - Arthur.

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