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Medieval Castle


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This is a castle (as you can probably tell). On the outside it has a gatehouse, a drawbridge, and a moat with a waterfall in it. On the castle side of the moat is a large cliff leading up to the keep. On the side of the gatehouse is a small crank you can turn to lower or raise the drawbridge. If you walk through the gatehouse, you will come out in the courtyard of the castle. The back of the castle is open to make it easy to see and play with. In the courtyard are some animals:

  • Chicken (brick-built)
  • Rat
  • Dog

Unfortunatly, the castle has been overtaken by barbarians.

  • 7 Barbarians
  • 1 Soldier

In the small dungeon is a soldier. There are some stairs leading up to the castle walls, where you will find barbarians hiding behind battlements (comment if I used a castle term incorrectly). The keep is completely modular.  On the first level of the keep is the armory. Here you will find a ton of weapons. On the second level there is a hall for feasting. Here you will find barbarians stuffing themselves with food. On top of the keep is a crate of cannonballs and a working cannon to shoot them.

In the event that this project made to review, I would suggest that Lego change the barbarians to knights or soldiers and put a barbarian in the dungeon. I used "barbarians" because I don't have any castle sets.

I was inspired to make this project because I was wishing that there were castle sets I could buy. I then decided to make a small curved section of a castle wall just for fun. However, after I made that, I kind of made a whole castle (not counting the fact that the back is open). 

This took me a few days to make and I have no idea how many pieces I used to make it. I built it using real, physical, bricks and I know that it is the biggest project I have so far, on Lego Ideas. If you like it, then support it and check out some of my other projects on Lego Ideas. :)

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