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Dry Cleaning Corner


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A dirty suit or a mud stain on your favorite dress? Then you're at the right place!

What is dry cleaning?
Welcome to the Dry cleaning corner! Here you can get your special clothes cleaned with care. In a dry cleaner, clothes are 'washed' with anything but water (biodegradable chemical substances. This is needed for stains that can't be cleaned with the traditional washing machine. Dry cleaner workers are also really carefull with clothes, ironing them, and making sure that the customer gets his clothes clean and decently.

What is a stroopwafel?
The little stand in this build sells stroopwafels: a stroopwafel is a dutch cookie that consists of 2 thin wafer pieces with sirup inbetween. They are at best when they are still warm, so be sure to try some if you're ever in the Netherlands! 

What is this LEGO set?
This lego set is a corner building with 3 floors and a roof, all floors can be separated to reveal the amazing  things inside, each floor has multiple rooms:
  • Ground floor: sidewalk, stroopwafel stand, entrance, reception, toilet, shop window and stairs to the first floor
  • First floor: hall, office, working place, ironing room, balcony and stairs to the second floor
  • Second floor: kitchen, sleeping room and a bathroom with a shower cabin.
  • A roof with a chimney, a ventilation unit, 4 solar panels and a little birds nest.

Why did I build it?
I really wanted to create a big project, but below 3000 bricks. The problem is that most of my potential ideas were already made, but when I was looking for inspiration in LEGO buildings, I tought about the time I had to bring my dad's suit to the dry cleaner. There was no LEGO dry cleaning place yet... that was my chance.

Why this would make an amazing LEGO set:
Many LEGO fans around the world have LEGO cities, big streets made with lego buildings. This set can easily be linked to those buildings (technic 2x1 bricks and pins). This way, the set is even compatible with the official LEGO modular buildings. It would be an amazing addition to a lego city, but it would also be great decoration to place it on a corner shelf. But the set also contains minifigures so everyone can play and create stories and adventures!

How did I build/design it?
I grabbed a 32x32 studs plate in 2.0 and started to make a sidewalk, just like other LEGO buildings have. I made a layout and started designing. It was tough to think about what there could be on each floor, but I managed to get all essential compartments of a Dry cleaning store and a house on each floor. After tweaking some designs and changing some colors, I designed the minifigures and of course the Stroopwafel stall.

Usefull information:
The set contains 2981 parts and 10 minifigures (3 mannequins -> faceless)
  • A male stroopwafel seller (with a spoon and an incomplete stroopwafel)
  • A male happy stroopwafel buyer (with a stroopwafel)
  • The female owner of the dry cleaning
  • The male owner of the dry cleaning
  • A male street musician (with a guitar)
  • A Little girl (with a silver action figure)
  • A Little boy (with an astronaut figure)
  • 2x female mannequin
  • 1x male mannequin
This set also contain various minifigure parts to represent clothes, the minifigure parts can be mixed and matched to create different scenario's. The set is made on a 32x32 plate and can be linked to other modular buildings. The white 6x6 tile on the top floor will be a printed piece (advertisement/logo).

Easter eggs/special references
I absolutely LOVE references, especially in movies and games. I put some cool references in this build:
  • There is a little red suitcase, linking to my first ever LEGO ideas project: The first aid kit
  • 3 micro builds of the botanical collection (succulents, bonsai and orchid), which were the LEGO sets that brought me back into my good old creative hobby
  • I am dutch and I love stroopwafels, so I made a stall that sells them.
  • I used frogs as roof decoration, just like the botanical collection uses frogs to create certain flowers.
  • Solar panels for durable energy

Be sure to support the Dry cleaning corner! 
This way, everyone's LEGO city can become even more beautifull than they already are! 
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Let's get the Dry cleaning corner to 10.000 supporters! Thanks for reading!

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