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The Thundercats has become an iconic animated tv serie breaking generation walls. It has become trully a vintage theme for all good collectors. Always guided by its main values, such as: Truth, loyalty, honor and justice.

Now, we think that LEGO must honor this animated tv serie with a set that adequately represents it. For this reason we present to you he Thundercats LEGO set, this includes their vehicle and all the main minifigures of the serie (including even to Mumm-Ra in his different shapes).

Its time to probe that THUNDERCATS must become inmortal by a LEGO IDEAS set. We can do it!

Finally the team that could make this awesome set possible were me Fabio Richard Diaz Palacios (F21D06) and my partner Ysrael Mendoza Maldonado (Ysraelala).

PS: Sorry for removing Snarf but it wasn't possible to make it without the use of custom pieces. If we fix the problem we are going to add him as an update.

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