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The Garden Wall

What's better than a brick?

A brick built of Lego bricks!

A sunflower peers over a slight break in a brick wall, gazing down upon a flourishing garden. Giant carrots flex their stems skyward as cabbages do likewise, but in all directions. Not a weed is to be seen. The scene is enough to make both rabbits and gardeners weep. 

If you're having trouble growing an actual garden, this is the set for you.

If you're stuck in a crummy office for eight hours a day and need some glimpse of beauty on your desk, this is the set for you.

If your minifigures are in need of a giant sunflower to terrorize their city, this is the set for you.

Thought it may look rather flimsy, a strong pattern of bars and clips behind the wall ensure that the entire structure stays together. This thing could withstand a hurricane. A Lego hurricane, of course. 

Some features include...

-A giant sunflower
-3 brick-built cabbages
-5 brick built carrots (stems)
-36 Lego "Bricks"
-Bright colors and a lot of fun!

Thank you for your support!

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