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I Work in Space: Space Station Module

The Space Station Module can comfortably house 3 or 4 minifigs, with plenty of handholds for maneuvering in microgravity. There is a treadmill, an entry bay, and a ladder for working your way through the cabin. It has a solar panel array and a large communications antenna. It is open on two sides for easy access.

Several ships in the 'I Work in Space' series can dock at its docking bay, and some have portals where the you can mount astronauts so they can exit their vehicle and float into the Module.

Sets in the 'I Work in Space' series:
• #55011 'Tow Truck'
• #55009 'Rocket Car'
• #32859 Service Module
• #54996 'Puddle Jumper'
• #32860 Space Station Module

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