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Canadair CL-415


For many people, the amphibious water bomber is a mythical aicraft symbolized by the lines of the Canadair CL-215. For my creation I wanted to build the latest CL-415 model I use to see training on the sea every summer.

I designed my LEGO model in 2015 during 4 months with LDD. At minifig scale, it is approximatively 60 studs long, 80 studs wide and built with 1770 bricks. Even if the nose and the low rear part were hard to reproduce, the main difficult was to not forget the lateral red lines, black surrounded doors or the grey lines on the wings, important details which increase complexity of the construction. The landing gears are retractable, the roof can be easily open to install the 2 pilots on their sits in the cockpit, but sorry, propellers cannot turn.

To finish, the model can be exposed on a black support built with 180 bricks.

Thanks for having read me, thanks for your votes.

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