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Kaleidoscope - Observation of Beautiful Forms

Kaleidoscope have always fascinated children and adults alike, the devices have been around since 1817. I have fond memories of having several throughout my childhood, mainly plastic with small plastic pieces inside the object chamber that would change and dance around when twisted.

I built this so we can experience this is LEGO form to re-live those memories and perhaps make new memories with our children. I have built this on but can be easily built in real bricks, the mirrors are made up from metallic tiles which could be made using foil type stickers. It is a functional model that would work as a real kaleidoscope. The object chamber can be opened up and the element changed to which ever element you want to add, I have included it with translucent pieces and in my last picture I have included minifigure heads as this was fun to do.

The brick build stand, which the kaleidoscope rest on, features a name plaque and a space for a minifigure or David Brewster, who invented the original Kaleidoscope. I have included a colourful design too, to show that you could add your own tiles/plates and even minifigure accessories.

This would make a great display piece for a desk or shelf and be picked up by anyone to look through and see those beautiful colours and patterns.

Thank you for your support :)

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