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Justice League Minis


This set would contain small models of the main members of the Justice League. The figures are poseable at the head, arms and legs. Most of them come with there own accessory too. They would be great for display and playing for all superhero fans! The heroes included from the right to the left are:

  • Aquaman with his trident
  • Green Arrow with his bow and quiver
  • Green Lantern and his ring and lantern
  • Batman with his batarang
  • Superman (in a unique pose)
  • The Flash
  • Wonder Woman with her lasso of truth and sword

These models are very cute and accurate. although small they are quite larger than a minifigure. Overall there are 335 pieces for all 7 figures (each figure having 40 or more bricks)!

I hope you like my project and support it! I plan on building more of these in the near future and feel free to suggest any others for me to make!

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