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Hot Rod Garage

I  am an interior designer, as well as a LEGO and automotive enthusiast. For this entry, I leaned on all three of my passions to create something I hope everyone can enjoy.

In a well-equipped garage, Niko and King are happily preparing for an engine swap. They are ready to put the more powerful engine into the car. Joining them is Sparky, who looks on with joy.

Meanwhile, a cat overhears the festive excitement, and decides to take a peek through the glass roof.

The garage walls are designed to allow for a lot of customization, such as putting on pictures, logo stickers, or other items. Builders can create the dream garage for their favorite car brand.

For the garage, I creat an American hot rod to represent anergy.

The parking spot is designed to fit all LEGO Speed series cars, and will allow the builders to put their favorite cars into this garage.

Hope you like and support the project
thank you

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