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San Francisco Cable Car


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Welcome to San Francisco, home of the most iconic and famous cable car in the world!


The cable car system in San Francisco was first established between 1873 and 1890, with over 23 lines in total. Unlike trams that rely on electricity, cable cars rely on cables driven by off-board motors to pull them along a track at a steady rate. While most cable cars were being replaced by trams during the early 1900s, cable cars had the advantage of traversing steeper inclines. The advent of buses in the 1920s and 1930s led to increased pressure to obsolete the remaining cable cars, but a municipal referendum led to the preservation of a handful. Today, the protected cable car system in San Francisco comprises of 3 lines. It is considered a national treasure, and is the last remaining manually operated cable car system in the world.

This model is a tribute to the iconic San Francisco cable car on the Powell-Hyde line, one of the 3 lines still in operation.

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Approx Dimensions: Length 22.0 cm x Width 7.0 cm x Height 10.0 cm
Number of pieces (with 5 minifigs, without track): 472


This model closely replicates the real San Francisco cable car in terms of major characteristics, details, and proportions. The model's colour scheme is based on one of the several actual schemes found. As shown in the title picture, the tram also fits onto standard LEGO train tracks.

The cabin has a forward, open-air section with outward-facing seats on both sides as well as a centre aisle where the operator (known as the gripman) controls the cable car. Standing room is also available on both sides of this forward section, with passengers hanging onto vertical poles. The middle, interior section provides inward-facing seats for up to 6 passengers. Lastly, the rearmost section provides functioning gated entrances and exits.

The exterior of the cable car features various decals and signage. “Powell and Market / Hyde And Beach Fishermans Wharf” as well as car number “25” are displayed on the front and rear panels. “Powell & Hyde Sts.” is shown on the roof. Lastly, “United Railroads” on the side lower panels represent one of the companies that operated cable cars in San Francisco since about 1905. Some other exterior features include hand rails, headlight and roof lights, as well as a roof bell.  

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