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Cafe Racer #2

Cafe Racer #2 is a cafe racer style motorcycle based on a 2 cylinders engine. This one is the evolution of a project that was created to emulate a ducati sport model. i do like the old cafe racer motorcycles since I was a teenager and now I actually own a cafe racer bike (1973, Honda Cb 350 Four). This model was made using lego pieces from different sets and some bionicle parts. It is great to see ho some of those robot's parts can be fit in a motorcycle. I would try to expand this approach as I have a lot of hero factory and bionicle parts stored: they come from a large variety of original sets bought for my son Tommaso, when he was around 6/7 YO. We liked so much playing together with those robots and they actually have been the first Lego sets for him. Now he's a real "aficionado" of the lego bricks and I really should thank the hero factory series for that :)

I started building this model because I wanted to improve my mechanical skills and create a fancy motorcycle. I am a biker and i owned several motorcylces in my life: from the honda 4cylinders to Trumphs' triples and the BMW twins. I also owned 3 old Ducatis with that typical "pompone" sound that comes from the V twin. I firstly attempt to create a Ducati cafe racer but then I decided to concentrated on a more basic model: I changed the engine architecture and tried to make the motorcycle thinner. The bionicle parts have been important in that.

Unfortunately I could not find any piston part in my storage so I decided to use some old "brackets" for that function. They actually worked and so I decided not to modify the engine anymore. Same for drive chain, here replaced by a simple rubber band. In the end it all worked and i liked the look of it so, why cange?

Thie motorcycle could be a set I would buy for some reason: first I like the proportions of the bike. I also like the combinations of technic parts with bionicle parts and I think this could also be a base from wich anyone can start to create it's own special bike. You can add fairings and easily change the tank and the tail. A motorcycle set that can evolve easily and daily!

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