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The Lost City


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👋 Ladies and Gentlemen,

🌎 Please consider the objectives of the mission we have set ourselves: to discover and pierce the mystery of this lost city. Is it El Dorado? Is it Z? Is it Atlantis? We will know it only if you grant us your support to carry out our expedition.

💎 Prepare yourself for adventure with this set of a lost city mixing ancient architecture and ruins covered by vegetation for the pleasure of the eye of the collectors and the pleasure of the imagination of the players.

🧱 You can discover different parts of the city such as: its ruins, its two towers, closing treasures, the stone bridge, the rotunda, the throne room and its water mirror, the water springs that go down into the basement, the king's tomb...

⚠️ But beware! Adventurers never came back, probably lost between these 2998 bricks...

⭐ I hope you will enjoy this model. It was a real wish to build a playable set in the world of adventurers and I look forward to your feedback to maybe improve it even more.

💬 Feel free to support the project and share it.

🙏 Thank you very much adventurers!

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