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Hot Air Balloon, Tethered in Flight

Unlike other balloons, my large Hot Air Balloon is free-standing, substantial and right-sized for standard mini-figures.  Consistent to a real balloon, it is built with a smooth tile curved surface and is a true hollow-shell with no interior structure.  I was inspired to design and build it when I couldn't find any similar realistic-looking balloons.  While I had and exhibited the balloon itself for a couple of years, I have always wanted desperately to make it fly!  With my recently-inspired "long axle" tethers, it NOW FLIES.  Hovering over an inch above its base-plate it is tethered in place ready to be boarded by excited passengers.  It would make a great LEGO set because it is unique, substantial and easy to build from standard bricks, tiles and plates.   While it appears to be lighter-than-air, my balloon is free standing, very stable and not at all top heavy.  Although designed for displaying, my balloon's unique hinge piece connections allows for it to be easily taken apart for easy packing and moving.     

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