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Car Carrier


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This is a realistic car carrier provided with twin wheels and a specific cabin opening.

It weigh 3,2 Kg and its dimensions are 88*17*25cm. (1:15)


I think this would be a good and realistic model because of the numerous functions inspired from the real trucks:

  • lift of the upper tray (front and rear)
  • flat rear extension (the starting point of the construction)
  • motorized rear suspension
  • winch to tract accidented vehicles
  • remote-controlled driving (including steering)


A special function I really like :

The safety bar has (like on the real truck) two stable positions, one for driving and a wider one for loading of the cars.

It's possible to add a car to the model, but it is 500 more bricks so that's a lot for a single set. The advantage of using this car is the parking brake, very useful to stop the vehicle and bring back the winch.


If you want to see how much realistic it is, just have a look at Lohr Solo.


Hope you enjoy the project!

Thank you for your support!

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