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The Flash: S.T.A.R. Labs


The Fastest Minifigure Alive comes to LEGO City!

The Flash is running out of time to save Central City from the threat of the Reverse-Flash, and he needs your help in this special LEGO collection featuring all of the iconic set elements of S.T.A.R. Labs as seen in the hit CW show ‘The Flash’.  Assemble Team Flash and bring to life all of your favourite scenes with the various components included.  In a flash, you can switch Barry into his superhero costume to fight crime as the Scarlett Speedster, with the help of Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon and Harrison Wells back at base. Joe and Iris West are also along for support.  But watch out!  The Reverse-Flash is wrecking havoc once more, and he may be closer to the team than they know…  Whether it be briefing for a new mission, analysing evidence, or simply training to truly become the Fastest Man Alive, you’ll find everything you need to save Central City in this show-accurate model.

  • Includes 8 minifigures: The Flash, Barry Allen, Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon, Harrison Wells, Reverse-Flash/Eobard Thawne, Joe West and West.
  • This LEGO model of the Arrow Cave, as introduced in the debut season of the hit CW TV series, is ideal for role-playing fun.
  • Help Caitlin, Cisco and Wells monitor Barry’s actions with the many computer screens around the iconic S.T.A.R. Labs desk while on missions.
  • Find all of Cisco’s Latest inventions and gadgets in the Lab.
  • “Run” with Barry as he puts his powers of the speed force to the test on the Treadmill
  • Open the hidden doors to reveal the sinister costume of the Reverse-Flash!
  • Customise the Pipeline's layout and open the Intake doors to reveal the Holding Cell. 


Designer’s Notes:

  • Without any modifications, the model’s piece-count currently sits at 1581 bricks.
  • The main elements included in the set are as follows:  The Cortex (main structure), Time Vault, Pipeline/Holding Cell, Time Sphere, [Cosmic?] Treadmill and Desk.
  • Many of the elements of the model are mostly depicted as free-standing elements, as was the case with my Arrow set.  This time around, many of those elements can be placed in ‘The Cortex’ section of the set, including the desks, tables, chairs, board, and screens.
  • The storage rack contains many inventions and gadgets as seen in the show, including Cisco’s Vibe Glasses, Lisa Snart/Golden Glider’s Gold Gun, Mark Mardon/Weather Wizard’s Wand and Hartley Rathaway/Pied Piper’s Sonic Gloves.
  • The Pipeline features a manual opening door, which can be locked into place using a technic mechanism on the side.  Twist to operate (pictured above).
  • The Time Vault uses a similar mechanism to my Arrow: The Cave’s elevator, as both doors can open simultaneously, co-dependent on each other.
  • The Pipeline’s structure can be remodelled to suit the user’s needs, and is divided into 3 separate elements; the entrance, walkway, and Holding Cell module.  The walkway can be removed to bring the entrance closer to the Holding Cell module for prisoner interrogations!
  • The Holding Cell features opening doors, and the entire structure sits easily into place at the end of the walkway. 
  • The image of the Pipeline Intake with the door open is rendered in an alternate colour scheme; often the real-life set’s lighting varies greatly between promotional, still images and the final edited episode.  The same goes for the Holding Cell itself, which often appears to be bright blue, although close up shots reveal at least some do be dark grey.
  • As is the case with all of my creations, Minifigures and tiles to be printed have been deliberately left without custom decals, as often such designs vary greatly from the (potential) final product, while also restricting the imagination of the viewer.  I have however included prints for some of the tiled pieces in this set to better demonstrate what they represent.  Printed/Stickered pieces for this set would be included for computer screens and monitors, while a simple, translucent double stripe pattern would be used for the main glass elements in the Cortex (see the show for a visual reference).
  • The layout and design of the set should hopefully feel completely compatible to my design for the Arrow: The Cave LEGO Ideas set, which greatly influenced the final structure and layout of this set.
  • Flip faces would be included for all minifigures (most notably, Harrison Wells’ alternate face would be that of Eobard Thawne’s), with the exception of Joe West (so that his beanie headpiece can be truly optional).  If new masks/headpieces for the Flash and Reverse-Flash could not be designed to better reflect those in the show, new heads pieces may be required for each character, printed on head pieces the same colour as their corresponding suits, much like LEGO’s official Flash Minifigure.
  • Though the set design and my choice of Minifigures are largely associated from Season 1, they are clearly not limited to that Season.  My design for the desk however, comes from Season 2’s updated set piece (check out the difference in the show!).  I do have plans to design any necessary “expansion packs” for each of the DC shows as new characters and locations are introduced with each new season.
  • Though there may seem to be a current lack of Flash Rogues in this set, keep in mind that Captain Cold and Heatwave will be included in my DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: The WaveRider set.
  • Regardless of the eventual result and eligibility of my project, I hope that this design inspires others to create their own models and designs, be it for Arrow or any other project they wish to design and hope to come to fruition.  I will upload the .lxf file online and link in the description for those who wish to make their own modifications or physically build the model closer to the expiration date of the set.
  • As always, comments, suggestions and questions are welcome!


  • Coming Soon...  DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: The WaveRider

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