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PARM-1 Scout


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This is the PARM-1 Scout. PARM stands for Patrol And Recon Mech. The Scout is used for patrol duties on the outer reaches of the lunar base. If the driver sees something unusual or dangerous, he or she sends a message back to HQ, and they send an armed unit. Instead of guns the Scout has the top-of-the-line communication system. Whenever the Scout goes on a patrol he is always accompanied by a Chieftain Robot. The Chieftain is a product of the lunar base's robot design program. The Chieftain is heavily armed, so in case the Scout gets ambushed, the Chieftain can defend it. Presently, the Scout is only operable on Lunar surfaces. The designers hope to have it ready for Martian surfaces in about 3 years.

If this project reaches 100 supports I will make a stop-motion video and post it in an update. More pictures will be added in an update.

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