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E.V.E. 0r1g1n

While I was shuffling through my Grandma's garage, I came across one of my dad's old robot-building toys. Upon closer examination I discovered that these robot toys had a primitive design that allowed for two legged walking. Ever since this discovery, I've always wanted to build my own walking mech with this new found info. While I only have five-minutes experience building with Mindstorms Lego, (that's within my whole life), I firmly believe that with minor tinkering, my robot will walk.

Introducing The E.V.E. 0R1G1N! She walks, she stalks, and she takes out the hawks! No worries, your Doritos are safe now! I've highlighted her features in turquoise; First on the list is her ability to walk, or, with further programing to run. as you can see in photo four, the legs use three servos rotating in unison. The heel sensors can be programed to temporarily speed up each leg upon it's impact with the ground. after the sensor is released, the leg's speed returns to normal, effectively allowing her to take larger steps and recover her footing after each step. The heel sensors also inform her arms to shift their weight back and forth as she walks.

E.V.E. listens for noises with her shoulder-mounted sound-sensors and upon hearing any noise will stop and investigate. To investigate an area, She'll pass her arms back and forth. E.V.E.'s color sensors, (located just under each gun barrel), will identify Dorito-thieves, stop her investigation, and begin their execution. Once the thieves repent, E.V.E. will continue her patrols.

E.V.E.'s Sphere launchers are fully automatic, fire swiftly, and hold a lot of ammo. Her duel brain-cubes have their main sensors mounted side by side on her shoulders using ball-hinges, (for adjusting reception). Her ankles can be clicked into different positions to make up for balance. Light sensor as the head will turn her off and on by light signals, (Like a deer when it sees headlights).

Possible problems include: not enough outlets on brain cube, no laser-tracking, insufficient foot-size may not support E.V.E. while walking. Her arms can be easily modified to mount your own design of... anything really. truth is, I didn't know what I wanted there so I made it easy to attach things to.

E.V.E. Origin is a Mindstorms set designed to be cooler than the rest. I think that this new cool look can help teach people a thing or two about making walking mechs while keeping a fun and cool look in the process.

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