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NASA Space Transportation System

Desk-Top Size Space Shuttle Orbiter/Exteral Tank/Solid Rocket Boosters

There are several large models of the Space Shuttle, all having exquisite detail.  However, they really are too big for desk-top display.  

This set is only 233 bricks small.  Pretty good detail for it's size; W13.4/L14.6/H32.4 studs (W10.7/L11.7/H25.9 cm).  The Orbiter has pretty good detail; maneuvering thruster details on the Forward RCS and Aft OMS Pods, Cargo Bay Doors open and close.  Inside the Orbiter's cargo bay, there is an articulating remote manipular arm.  The External Tank (ET) and Solid Rocket Boosters (SRB's) all separate.  

For STS-1 and -2 (the first two flights of the STS), the ET was painted white.  For all subsiquent flights, the ET was not painted (to save weight), exposing the orange colored insulation.  I like the all white version (kinda nostalgic).

Thanks for taking a look!

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