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The Andy Griffith Show


Thanks to everyone who supported!

With 1 day left to reach the next milestone, it appears that our project will expire. We will resubmit and hope to make it next time!


Adding to the Roof

To everyone who has supported The Andy Griffith Show project, thank you!
To refine the model further, we have added the broom closet to the right side of the roof, which we were unable to include originally. We have posted a before and after comparison below. With these changes, the current part count is now 2,990 pieces. Stay tuned for more updates in the near future!


600 Votes and a New Minifigure

Thanks for 600 votes!  To celebrate, here is a new minifigure:  Ernest T. Bass (Howard Morris)!  Let's get to a 1,000!

"I think he's a nut!" - Barney Fife - Ep. 94 Mountain Wedding


500 Votes and Water-Cooler Added

Thanks for 500 votes!  We were unable to add the water-cooler in the original version of the model.  We have mached the color and shape as closely as possible.  The part count is now 2,953. 


"Don't they ever clean this crock!?"  -  Mayor Roy Stoner  -  Ep. 78 Barney and the Governor


Further Model Refinement

We have refined the modular plate configuration further, bringing the thickness down to 1 plate. We are now satisfied with this exterior detail, and will be moving on to other aspects of the model.


New Cover Image

Here is the new cover image.  We'll talk about the new changes in the next update.


Thanks for 400 votes!

We were unable to show some of the custom prints included in the set, so here they are.


Model Improvements

We have improved the plate and tile configuration on the first floor.  The original model had a clunky three plate thicknes on the first floor.

It now has only a two plate thickness:

In addition, we've added the hatrack to the interior, which we were unable to include in the original version due to part contrants.  The part count now totals in at 2,982.


Thanks for 300 votes!

Thanks to everyone who has supported our project!  As a bonus, here is a photo of the model that we were unable to originally post.  Thanks again!


Thanks for 200 votes!

Wow!  Thanks to everyone who has supported our project!  Here's a scene recreation from episode #95 The Big House.  Barney and Gomer are on the roof keeping a look-out for escaped convicts....


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