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Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor


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                                     Nancy Drew Mystery #11: Curse of Blackmoor Manor
  "Brigitte with her eyes so bright, looks toward heaven at midnight, on the longest night of year.                                                       That's the one she holds most dear..."

Welcome to my latest LEGO case, "Curse of Blackmoor Manor." If you like the idea of a LEGO Nancy Drew set, then please support this project by clicking the blue "Support" button in the top right corner.

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Nancy Drew first appeared in 1930, and instantly became a classic. At least 80 million copies of the books have been sold, and they have been translated into over 45 languages! Nancy Drew has been featured in countless films and television shows, including a newly released CW series. Not to mention a number of widely popular computer games. Beloved by many, Nancy Drew has now become a cultural icon, inspiring and empowering people across the globe! This wonderful series will soon celebrate its 90th anniversary, and I believe something special needs to be done to commemorate this momentous occasion.

Please support this idea to help us celebrate our favorite amateur sleuth, and female extraordinaire, Nancy Drew!

Game Description:
This set is based on the fan-favorite Nancy Drew PC game, "Curse of Blackmoor Manor," which was produced by HeR Interactive.

Nancy Drew sets off on her first international case to England. She is to visit Linda Penvellyn, her neighbor's daughter and newlywed wife of British diplomat, Hugh Penvellyn. Nancy arrives at Blackmoor Manor to find Linda hiding behind thick bed curtains, refusing to let anyone see her. As Linda's health goes downhill, Nancy tries desperately to discover the cause of her sudden, and mysterious, decline. As Nancy works to uncover the truth about Linda, she stumbles through a dark and tragic past, which began centuries before. Is Linda hiding from something or someone, or is there a more menacing explanation for her disappearance? What other secrets are trapped within the walls of Blackmoor?
Find out in this thrilling adventure!   

Set Description:
I wanted to give the fans something to celebrate 90 years of Nancy Drew mysteries and intrigue. What better to do this than with a LEGO model of a creepy fourteenth-century English Manor, haunted by a tragic past?

Relive moments from Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor with this detailed set. The manor is divided into several of the most iconic rooms over two floors, depicting classic moments from the game.

  • Question Mrs. Drake as you explore the Conservatory-
  • Discover the truth about the Penvellyn family, with Nigel Mookerjee, as you dive into secrets held in the Blackmoor Library-
  • Find evidence of what has become of Linda as you investigate her room-
  • Play games, bake parrot cakes, and win glow sticks with Jane in her room- 
  • Make calls, order food, and maybe even take a nap in Nancy's room-
  • Play memory games with 'Betty' in the great hall- 
  • Talk to Loulou the Parrot about Latin and fun word games- 
  • Turn the gargoyle to enter hidden passages that lead to dark secrets... and slides-
  • Press the floor in the great hall to light the forge- 
  • Melt metal to make a key to unlock the Penvellyn treasure-
  • Stop the culprit from stealing the Penvellyn treasure with the cage in the forge room- 
  • Remove various parts of the Manor for a better play experience- 

The first floor includes: The main gate and front gardens, the great hall, Betty's room, the library, the conservatory, the passage behind the library, the forge room, the hall behind the stairs, and the slide.

The second floor includes: Nancy's room, Jane's room, Linda's room, the east hall passage, the walkway above the conservatory, and the entrance to the secret passageway. 

Includes 8 New Minifigures:
  • Nancy Drew
  • Mrs. Drake
  • Linda Penvellyn
  • Jane Penvellyn 
  • Ethel Bossiny
  • Nigel Mookerjee
  • Loulou the Parrot
  • The Lady in Black

Functions Include: 
  • Forge Light Brick Function
  • Secret Passageway Entrance 
  • Secret Slide in the East Hall Passage
  • Metal Cage in the Forge Room

    Can you solve the mystery? 

'DARE TO PLAY' by pushing the blue "Support" button. 

Thanks for taking the time to look at this product idea, and please consider supporting it. Every support is vital in getting this idea to become a real LEGO set some day. On behalf of Nancy Drew fans throughout the world, we thank you for playing your part in this commemorative journey. 
                                                                                                                        ~ JediPippin  

"...Starry friends, she's often heard to say; how I wish that I could make you stay. She knows, though, they can't remain, time will bring them 'round again." 

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