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Country Store


Many country communities has a central store where local farmers meet, buying equipment, tools, feed and seed plus selling their wool or livestock to a stock agent/wool buyer.

This design is my take on a real one in Lucindale, South Australia.

I have used regular construction and SNOT (studs not on top) construction to build this.

Most of the interior decor relies purely on LEGO parts though you do see stickers for signs placed on the interior walls for advertising goods available. It has a lot of small display builds on the shop floor.

A store like this would fit many city/town layouts, if licensing/logos are an issue then adopting Octan Rural or similar would solve that problem.

I have included two minifigs but no vehicles and this building is 16 studs deep by 32 studs wide.

The redesign has it with road surfaces and different gates up.

In this present state of design the cost of a Country Store could be around 80 dollars US, as the floor level is raised with plates for the front entrance.

Please do consider this, LEGO City needs sets like this to be other than fire/police stations.

Thank you for reading, please support and follow everyone - Brick On ! .

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