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Log Cabin


Hello everyone,

Here is my latest Lego Ideas project! I have created a log cabin much like the type used by early settlers in America around the 1800s. The log cabin features a sloped roof, a door, a chimney, and 4 windows. The log cabin's interior consists of a fireplace, a baby's cot, a cooking area around the fire, a grandfather clock, and a chair. This set comes with 5 minifigures, a baby, two children, and a mother and father. Around the Log Cabin is an open area conisting of trees, a wood chopping area, a tree stump, foliage, and a stone path. Also included with this set is a bird, a dog, an owl, a bear, and two hedgehogs. This set proposal consists of over 370 pieces. 

I hope you all enjoy and support this set!

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lachie1023 :) 

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