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The accurate DNA structure 〜from JAPAN〜

We could build a DNA model with LEGOs, which is both beautiful and accurate!
A model that had cleared all scientific points.

Characteristics of DNA are suitable for LEGO. This is why people all over the world challenge themselves to build DNA models with LEGOs.
In terms of scientific accuracy, it is more important to focus on each
fundamental part. Constructing the form of the parts correctly should naturally lead to the DNA structure, which is beautiful as well as accurate.

During the process of constructing a DNA model with LEGO bricks,
one can learn the structure of DNA.

Here is a link to a video of this model.



In detail Point
・ the clockwise double helix structure
・ 1 turn is 10steps.
・ Ratio → Breadth(2nm) : Length (1turns=3.4nm)
・ Having Major grooves and Minor Groove. 
・ The Each direction of Sugar (chemical polarity) is reversed.

・ 10段で一回転する右巻きのらせん構造
・ 幅2nm:高さ(10段)3.4nmの幅と高さの比。
・ 大きな溝と小さな溝
・ 両鎖の糖の向きが逆

・ Four DNA bases (A, T, G, C)
・ Purine base is bigger than pyrimidine base. (A & G : purine, T & C : pyrimidine.)
・ Base pairs between the two strands: A with T and G with C
・ A with T bonds are 2 hydrogen bonds, G with C bonds are 3 hydrogen bonds.

・ 4種類の塩基(ATGC)とその大きさ:ピリミジン塩基(T/C)とプリン塩基(A/G)
・ AはTとGはCとしか結合できない
・ 塩基ペアの水素結合の数A-Tは2本 G−Cは3本

You can learn a mechanism for heredity.


 Over 50 years have passed since the discovery of the DNA structure. Many
attempts have been made to build DNA models using LEGO bricks. They seem to have succeeded to represent the beautiful double helix structure, but none of them are scientifically accurate.
 Therefore we propose a new LEGO model of DNA, which is scientifically accurate.
 While this model maintains the unique quality of LEGO bricks, it can be used by students to learn about the structure of DNA.
 In other words, our model has great potential to be used as a teaching aid
in the classroom.
The bricks can be put together, taken apart and put together again!

Furthermore …..
The structure of DNA Provides a Mechanism for Heredity.
Hence it is very important to understand the structure.

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