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Genshin Impact: Liyue Harbor Wharf

About Genshin Impact:

Genshin Impact is an open-world action RPG that allows players to explore the land of Teyvat, where they get to know a colorful cast of characters to support and challenge you on your quest to find your missing sibling. Since its release in 2020, the world of Genshin has now grown to include two new nations, Inazuma and Sumeru, in addition to the original nations of Mondestadt and Liyue. Inspired by Chinese architecture, the city of Liyue Harbor is one of the most iconic regions in Genshin Impact.

About this Set:

This set uses 2467 pieces to depict notable landmarks that come together to represent Liyue Harbor.

  • The main dock
  • Market stalls for produce, perfume, ceramics, and tea
  • A street food cart
  • The wharf tower and its connecting bridge
  • A ship and two smaller boats docked along the wharf
  • Water bases to support the dock pillars, tower, and boats

Of course, this set would be incomplete without custom minifigs to portray beloved fan-favorites hailing from Liyue.

  • Zhongli, the Geo Archon– with his Staff of Homa
  • Xiao, an Adeptus– with his Primordial Jade Winged-Spear
  • Xiangling– with everyone’s favorite Stove God, Guoba
  • Xingqiu– with a Guhua book in hand
  • Beidou– with her Rainslasher Claymore

As Liyue Harbor is such a large port city, three common Liyue NPCs (the perfumer, the blacksmith, and the sailor) along with their accessories are included in addition to the five characters listed above. Several animals (a dog, a cat, seagulls, lobsters, and fish) can also be found in various areas of the city.

Why this Set:

This set was designed in a collaborative effort by @BrickBob_Studpants and @StrongEngineer066. We believe that this build of the iconic Liyue Harbor will be well-received, appealing not only to Genshin players but also to fans of Chinese architecture. Your support would be greatly appreciated, and please share this entry with your friends and family!

Ad Astra Abyssosque!

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