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BMW Isetta


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This is a BMW Isetta. It's not the fastest BMW, but it's the most charming. They were produced from 1955 to 1962.
I remember seeing one of these cars for the first time as a kid. I was very intrigued by the unusual design with only one door at the front, and the narrow distance between the rear wheels.
This LEGO model of the BMW Isetta has an opening door with the steering wheel attached to it, so the steering wheel swings out with the door like on the real car. This mechanism was a bit tricky to make. It was also a challenge to capture the curved shapes of the car and the interior.
In the 1950s BMW was close to a bankruptcy. The sale of motorcycles and luxury cars was not profitable, but the Isetta became a huge success and saved the company. Today it's one of the most popular vintage microcars to collect and has a big fan base.
I hope you like my model of the BMW Isetta.

Number of pieces: 851

Length: 220 mm (8.66 in)
Width: 132 mm (5.20 in)
Height: 128 mm (5.04 in)

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