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Modular Park

Bring the park to you! This beautiful LEGO features a simple modular park, perfect to display and relaxing to build!

This build includes a small pathway, an overhanging tree, a park bench, and some friendly critters to help bring this relaxing model to life. Take some time to walk around, you may even spot a hidden frog!

A plinth is also included to help support the park and give a finished look.

The inspiration for this build was taken from local parks I often walk through. Bringing this small LEGO modular park to life was a lot of fun and super relaxing to put together. I've always loved the diversity LEGO brings to botanical sets and this build embodies that very idea. Use different colored/textured pieces to bring different kinds of trees to life!

Many people love the park for many different reasons. Have a nice picnic, throw a ball around with some friends, or take in the scenes that nature has to offer! Bring this small park into your home and display for everyone to see!

This LEGO build uses 173 pieces, weighing a total of 5.12 ounces.

Dimensions (W x L x H):
  • 14.9 x 14.0 x 11.3 (Studs).
  • 4.7 x 4.4 x 3.6 (Inches).
  • 11.9 x 11.2 x 9.0 (Centimeters).

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