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Camaro SS


The Camaro is one of the most well known cars in America. There are 3 street models, including the SS, ZL1 and the Z28. The SS is the slowest of all Camaros, but I chose to do it because the lights at the bottom are easy to make. I actually did this in real lego first, but then I wanted only the yellow and black color, so I built it in LDD. The Camaro SS is in one of the most famous movies now, which is Transformers- Bumblebee.

This model is 8 studs wide and can seat at most 2 minifigures. I only put one minifigure here, which is the Stig or you can say Anonymous Driver. 

I hope you support this hard work and also support my Bugatti too! I am aiming for 10,000! Thanks for viewing Lego Ideas Surfers!

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