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LEGO Motorcycle Racer


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Hello everyone! Do you like motorcycles? What about zooming at hundreds of miles per hour in the countryside? This is exactly what this set is. This build is a mini modular motorcycle "treadmill". You simply turn the crank and presto! The ground underneath the dirt bike appears to be moving. You no longer have to worry about pushing your dirt bike around on the floor. The set even comes with realistic sounds! This set can be used for display, play or all of the above! It is perfect for the child that loves dirt bikes and for the adult who loves a simple but satisfying set of their favorite pastime.

The set includes:
A dirt bike with treadmill
1 Minifigure (the minifigure's name is Greg)
A tool box which includes 3 wrenches and a hammer
And one smoothie
Please support this set as it is my first one. I hope you will enjoy this little LEGO set!

A quick bio on Greg: Greg loves being a minifigure, being online famous and just is obsessed with riding his dirt bike. He currently lives in Dirt Bike City, Motorcycle land in the world of LEGO.

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