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This upscaled model of the Dimetrodon features various points of articulation, including on the chest, hips, tail, head, and all four legs. The mammalian reptile is 60 studs long and 10 studs long. It features three side builds: a display plague, a Sigillaria tree, and a Meganisoptera (extinct dragonfly species). The Meganisoptera features possible limps as well, along with adjustable wings. In total, this set includes 1,410 pieces. It makes a great pairing with the Kronosaurus set I posted half a year ago, as it contains a similar building style. The display plague reads:
Name Meaning: Two Measures Of Teeth
Length: 4.5 Meters (15 Feet)
Weight: 550 Pounds
Diet: Carnivore
Location: Southwestern United States
Time Period: Early Permian

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