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Treasures of the Sea

The seaside is always a sought after holiday destination, whether its to build sandcastles, go looking at rock pools or just for the chance to catch some sun, we always enjoy them. But one thing that makes the experience even more incredible is when we find a hidden treasure.
Because of this I have created a set entirely based upon those rare finds, including an octopus, treasure chest, two conch shells, a crab and a starfish, all of whom have their own unique shapes, designs and colours.

The common crab design has a range of moveable appendages such as its claws that open and close, its arms and legs can all be positioned so that you can alter the stance of the crab on its own stand model after a patch of sand with a small stream running through it. With its classic design, shape and colours it is easily recognizable to any seaside enthusiast.

Another incredible sight for any beach goer is the magnificent octopus. My design has encapsulated its incredible shape as well as its amazing manoeuvrability, with all eight legs being able to move allowing you a wide range of poses when displaying your set. The colours I have chosen show the complicated and extravagant look of the octopus as well as its bright and bold set of colours.

Another addition to the set is two different conch shells. Known for their unique look and amazing form the conch shell is an incredible find for any beach or seaside fan. I have created two different designs with their own look, colours and display stand. One of the is a bright yellow and white, with black spines and a darker pink centre, positioned on top of a colourful rockpool. The other design is a darker orange and tan colour with a spiky shape and bright pink centre, it is displayed on top of a mountain of sand for an added seaside feel.

I have also added a classic starfish into the set, with its own unique design and range of colours it stands out amongst the other designs.
If you were ever very lucky at the beach then you could stumble upon a treasure chest, mine features a simple design with a working hinge and lock allowing it to open and close and keep your valuables safe. The valuables included are gold coins and bars as well as a selection of gems all of which can fit into the chest.

All of these individual designs come together to create an immense and spectacular collection of treasures you’d love to find at the seaside.

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