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The TARDIS 11th and 10th Doctor versions from Doctor Who

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This is my interpretation of the Doctor's TARDIS from Doctor Who. This model can be built to look like either the Tenth or Eleventh Doctor's TARDIS and comes with a minifigure of each of them each with a sonic screwdriver accessory and the 11th Doctor also comes with a fez. If it were to be produced then other incarnation of the Doctor could also be included and some of the Doctor's companions, for instance Rose Tyler to go with the 10th Doctor and Amy Pond to go with the 11th.

As you can see here it features full functional opening doors.

If it were to go into production I would add the following stickers/printed bricks, as shown on the image above:

A-Police Public Call Box sign on each black plate, perhaps even with a blue border or even
replace them with blue plates with just a black Police Box sign sticker on each.
B-St. John Ambulance sigh on white circular piece (11th Doctor's TARDIS only).
C-Police telephone sign on white brick.
D-Adding the Doctor's costume design to the minifigures.
E-Window frames, white for the 11th Doctor's TARDIS and blue 10th Doctor's, these could be either different interchangeable pieces or reversible one with the different coloured frames on either side of the pieces (these would be better as printed brick rather than stickers in my opinion).

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