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Atomic Town Power


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Atomic Town Power is the electricity producing heart of our minifigures town! It lights, heats and runs all of their favorite electrical gadgets using clean energy. The building itself is based on the 1951 Experimental Breeder Reactor No. 1 (EBR-1) which produced electricity for the very first time using nuclear power. The string of four bulbs on the generator level of Atomic Town Powers interior are reminiscent of the four 200 watt light bulbs which glowed brightly at EBR-1 the afternoon of December 20, 1951.

Inside the power plant we find an experimental breeder reactor at the heart of the building along with multiple support areas including; a hot cell that can be rotated to the inside of the reactor, a cooling canal for fuel removal, electrical generator, chemistry laboratory, overhead crane to open the reactor lid, reactor control room, and reception area. The reactor lid can be opened using the overhead crane to reveal the core design and fuel rods. When the lid is closed, the reactor lights up using a light brick and the acronym EBR-1 shines through on both sides of the reactor into our power plant.

On the second floor mezzanine level, we find two steam vessels and a generator producing electricity to light four bulbs as scientist and engineers take data. Each of the EBR-1 LED light bulbs light up to indicate the flow of electricity to Atomic Town. The generator mezzanine level lifts off to reveal the power plants reception area and the reactor control operations room.

On the main floor, left of the reactor, is a chemistry laboratory where tests are performed to keep the reactor in good health and producing power for the residence of Atomic Town. The laboratory has a myriad of instruments and sample containers ready for testing. To the back wall of the reactor room are steps that lead to the control and reception area as well as a radiation safety control area and the safety control rod axe man (SCRAM) with his trusty axe in case of emergency. The hot cell, on the right side of the reactor, has cell manipulator handles that rotate and a turntable that can bring samples from the reactor into the hot cell. The reactor cooling canal area is a lovely sea of Cerenkov blue water and fuel rods from the core can be laid in it to cool down. With so many catwalks, stairs and levels our minifigures have endless stories for you to imagine!

The set also includes the 13 minifigures that we see in the photographs:

-Two chemists

-Two engineers

-Two physicists

-Two reactor control room operators

-A receptionist

-A fireman

-Two technicians

-A safety control rod axe man (SCRAM)

It is my greatest hope to not only work towards establishing clean energy but also to educate the next generation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) which is why both the STEM and clean energy flags fly proudly over Atomic Town Power. What better way for everyone to think clean energy than to build their very own EBR-1 nuclear reactor.

Thank you for your support of Atomic Town Power! Please spread the word; I know we can make it to 10k because of all of you!

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