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Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Box: Dark Magician vs Blue-Eyes White Dragon


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My love letter to the Yu-Gi-Oh! game and anime.

A box for your most treasured cards, loosely based on Yugi's Gold Sarcophagus and topped by the franchise's two most iconic monsters squaring off: Dark Magician vs Blue-Eyes White Dragon, depicted in their anime colours. I've done my best to shape them as accurately as possible!

For reference, the inside of the box is 192mm by 128mm by 96mm, large enough to hold your cards (including sleeves) with some extra finger room too. The total build is 791 pieces.

I created this build because, like many others and their pastimes, latching onto my hobbies of LEGO and Yu-Gi-Oh! has given me great comfort during some hard times in my life, and the strength of this idea is that being a fan of both pursuits is unlikely to be a unique experience. Two such beloved hobbies, both focused around collecting, should have plenty of overlap in their target audience. Heck, Yu-Gi-Oh! already has cards based on LEGO, so why not the other way around?

Yu-Gi-Oh! fans spend an absolute fortune on cards and other merchandise, we go practically rabid for it. A Yu-Gi-Oh! build will sell enough to make the IP worth pursuing, of that I am certain. Perhaps LEGO could even ask Konami to include an exclusive card with the set as part of the collaboration to boost sales even more!

Hopefully you agree this would make a good set too!

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