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Mini Train

Choo-choo! This mini train is ready to roll down the tracks. It features a locomotive (144 pieces), coal car (88 pieces), box car (90 pieces), dinning car (148 pieces), passenger car (105 pieces), and caboose (148 pieces) with a total of 723 pieces. It measures 2 inches wide, 2.5 inches tall, and 24 inches (2 feet!) long. This train would be great for LEGO train fans who don't have much display room but still want a highly detailed train to play with and display. (For example, it would look great sitting on a bookshelf in front of your books.) Also, because of the ball and socket pieces used for the car connections, this train can easily be displayed to show it making a turn around the track (like the first picture shows). Please cast your vote, grab your ticket, and hop on this mini train. Let's keep it going all the way to 10,000 Votes Station! All aboard!

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