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The Explorer


Fly with the Explorer to make new discoveries! This fun set features a helicopter (the Explorer), a minifigure and a treasure chamber.

  • The Explorer features an opening cockpit, big rotor blades, small rubber wheels and two back propellers. It has an amazing and aerodynamic design.
  • The helicopter pilot minifigure looks like a spaceman!
  • The treasure chamber includes a treasure chest. (which is filled with diamonds)
  • The Explorer measures over 36 cm long.

The Explorer features:

  • It Explores.
  • It really Explores.
  • Designed for explorers, treasure hunters and people who likes helicopters.

This set could be better. Maybe with missile launchers or something. Fortunately, this set is easily extendable. This feature is designed for people who always want more.

This project can become a real lego set with your support. Any supports or comments will be appreciated. Thanks for reading.


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