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The MicroRace

This is the MicroRace, based on the colored Microfigures!!!


-Green means nothing. If you land on it, nothing happens.
-Blue means roll again if you land on it.
-Yellow is the Shortcut Space. Land on it and follow the shortcut.
-Red means roll and move back the amount of spaces, if you roll a clock, move 0 spaces back, but if you roll a pizza, roll again and move back that amount.
-Whoever gets to the finish first wins!!!

NOTE: Don't count the Black 1x2 tiles as a space, it just evens out the track.

This side is if you roll 3 or 4, as well as the clock, meaning skip this turn.

This side of the dice block is if you move 1 or 2 spaces, as well as the pizza meaning roll again.

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