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I do not want to bring nor LEGO Metroliner neither 9V-system back. I just tried to build a classic with modern style.

About the modell:

"Metroliner" Talent, two names, two trains. In this project I have tried to make a reconsideration of an old classic and mix the well-know train with present-day's modern electric motor units. For train fans: this modell uses Jacobs-boogies to connect the train's sections. It is also at least 75% low-floor train, with non openable, but more modern train doors. The old Metroliner wasn't low-floor vechile, and had traditional train cars. Using the trans-black panels, building a white, modern doors gives a dynamic look to the train.

Important aspect I tried to keep in sight by building:

1. Use only present-day produced bricks to build this modell, so the old grey had to gone. However, I really tried to give back the color-scheme of the original Metroliner, there were some problems with this. First of all, the front element of the train is only produced in Dark Stone Gray, so I decided to paint all bricks under the color lines DSG.
2. Playability and easy to build: It's not an extremly SNOT-ting MOC, it's only a 6W train. Minifigs can use most of the seats, the roof is easely removable to take passangers out from the train, or take them in. However, the train uses Jacobs-boogies (shared boogies between cars), it could be easely extended by adding one boogie and one middle-section.
3. Size: It's not worth to make a giant modell in the LEGO CUUSOO project.
4. Motorize the EMU: it could be equipped with LEGO Power Functions or with old 9V motors, too.

Hope you like it,

This picture shows the entire train.

Easely removable roof and chairs next to the windows.

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