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Lego Bonsai


It all started with a new showcase in my workroom. Since I am a Lego-Fan for decades I wanted to honor my hobby. First I planned to build a jungle with a lot of green and a crashed spaceship (the Milano) inside. After some research on the internet and pinterest about Lego-Trees and real ones I discovered the beauty of bonsai trees. Then I came across some bonsai trees which seem to withstand gravity by growing in remarkable manner. I thought before I start with the jungle I first test some shapes of bonsais and see if I can manage to build a tree likewise.

One weekend later the tree you see in the pictures was done. I postet it on certain forums and it got very well received. A lot of viewers suggested to post it here.

So here it is:

  • it's about 40cm in length
  • it's 30cm in height
  • it's a solid construction
  • can be liftet on pot or trunk without worry
  • it stands absolutely stable
  • it has 4 Lego-weights in the pot to even increase the stability
  • it has a framework of technic-pieces inside
  • it can be disassembled in 2 big pieces
  • the tree-parts are build in different orientations
  • the little bird 'plays' with the scale of the tree

I dont have the exact number but it must be about 500 Lego-pieces.


I would love to see a "LEGO NATURE" section with much more trees and plants to stand in my and your room.

It was an absolute fun time building it and I want to share my passion with other fans around the world.

Thank you for voting.

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