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Robot Dog


This is one of the first ever robot dogs made 100% out of LEGO!
This was not an easy project, making a 4 leg quadruped is insanely hard, especially if it's made out of LEGO. Getting everything to balance took me tons of designing, testing, and patience. It took more than 3 months of work to get here, but I am really happy with the end result.

- Powered by the LEGO EV3 robotics system
- Legs powered by 2 L motors
- Steering powered by 1 M motor
- Stable walking
- Reliable steering
- Top speed of 1.8 km/h
- Able to be controlled via remote
- Sensor enables 180° obstacle avoidance
- Obstacle avoidance software included
- Able to dance
- Programmable software
- Average runtime of 60 minutes

If you are interested in STEM, physics, functional models, or technology, then this amazing model is for you!

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