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Mini Lego Combination Safe

This is a fully functional combination safe. Using a few half beams and a few studs, the internal mechanism behaves just like that of a real combination safe. Using a code wheel with six different colored studs, a simple two color combination is easily entered to gain acess to the treasures inside. The safe can easily be set to any combination desireable. The safe's storage drawer also features a handle that when pulled on, will detach if the safe is not unlocked.The safe sits on a 6x7 base, and is 6 2/3 studs tall. It has an easily removeable roof of 1x8 tiles for easy mechanism access. The safe is very sturdy, and cannot be pulled open by force. The mechanism is also built to withstand the pulling on the drawer without breaking. This safe would include an alternate roof for more protection, some different colored studs to make up the code wheel, as well as some gems to store inside. The safe doesn't use very many pieces at all and is compact. a combination safe would be a functional toy to be built by anyone, as well as a learning tool to see how real combinatin safes work.

This is a side/bottom view of the safe.

A view of the mechanism (the tile colors would all match in the finished product).

A view of the safe with the drawer removed. You can see the simple roof made of 1x8 tiles, but an alternate roof would be included for personal preference.

A view of the drawer with detachable handle made using no friction technic pins.

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