Product Idea |

Renault Trafic

1) Description :

SMALL Renault Trafic that only opens behind (sorry).

Characters : 1 x employee, 1 x thief.

Accessories : 1 loot bag, 1 saw, 1 crate with lid, 4 notebanks, 1 gold bar.  

Large door on the right side of the van to access the dash (or almost).

Differents licence plates.

2) I built it because...

I built this Renault van because I am a fan of LEGO and cars in all brands.

3) This will make a great LEGO set because...

This will make a great LEGO set because Renault car dealerships would buy them to decorate and considering the number of dealerships and LEGO's fans that would make a lot of sales.

Reason 2 : Many LEGO fans enjoy cars

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