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Taylor Swift Lover House - Micro-Scale

Welcome to Taylor Swift's Lover House! My wife and I (her username: HonorableOctopus092, and her work is included with her explicit permission) built this as a collaborative model shortly after we got married this past November to celebrate our mutual love for Taylor and as inspiration to always remember our commitment to each other in building a future home together. We chose to build it at a micro-scale level as this gave us the creativity to include multiple different details and features. The creation is centered around the Lover House, which incorporates Power Functions to back-light the house. The house is built within a romantic, snow-covered forest as seen throughout Taylor's work with every detail thought out carefully from color-matching each room with transparent tiles to the red front door and bushes lining the front of the house. Next turn your attention to the Taylor Swift mini figure, complete with guitar and taller dress capturing her energy and defining her presence as a leading female musician and role model. The last part of the creation, a box displaying the background forest with moonlight on one side and her signature "lover" text on the lid, is the perfect place for kids or adults to hide their magical treasures. The model would be a great Lego set given it's appeal to most importantly kids, as well as adults. It is magically sized to not be an overpowering or intimidating build, and the final creation has many different parts that will inspire many hours of play for children, and readily incorporates into any Lego display or play place by including both minifigure scale and micro-scale buiilding elements.

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