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Ancient Egyptian Temple

The ancient Egyptian civilization might be one of the most mysterious and illustrious themes from Classical antiquity. Among the great monuments built by the Egyptian people, such as the iconic pyramids, are also many temples. This LEGO Ideas submissions is inspired by those temples and brings to you a colorful manifestation of ancient Egypt.
The build consists of the recognizable gatehouse that many Egyptian temples had. This gatehouse was later on strikingly referred to by the Greeks as “pylon”, meaning “gate”. The iconic shape of the two slightly inclining rectangular towers with the smaller gate in the middle was a representation of two hills between which the sun rises. These buildings originally were vastly painted and ornamented, creating a lush and powerful atmosphere around them.
This build contains a beautifully colored and detailed temple gate. On the front you may recognize some of Egypt's mythical gods and heroes like Thoth, Osiris, and Anubis. The inside of the temple is divided into several unique and interesting spaces. The main gate leads into a courtyard, adorned with painted columns. The courtyard leads into a large throne room on the right. On the left it leads into a room where the priest prepares deceased Egyptians for their journey to the afterlife. He does this by carefully storing their vital organs in ceramics. The body is then filled with natron and wrapped in bandages. This process is called mummification. Above this room is a storage room containing royal grave goods. These goods accompanied the wealthy in their graves and were meant for the afterlife. Someone apparently is after these precious belongings. Let's hope there is no such thing as a secret entrance to this temple...
The build consist of a little more than 2000 pieces and comes with 7 minifigures. They are:
-       2 Egyptian guards
-       An Egyptian charioteer with chariot
-       The pharaoh
-       The queen
-       A priest
-       A graverobber
Ancient Egypt is a very interesting and mysterious setting, from which we definitely need a set that has good playability and is awesome to display. LEGO has a history of releasing sets related to ancient Egypt. Think of the subtheme Egypt of the Adventurers theme. Also the Pharaoh’s Quest theme was set in ancient Egypt. With this set I hope to add to this legacy, whilst also providing LEGO fans with a historical setting from which they can learn a thing or two!
Please help me support this idea by casting your vote and let’s make this project happen! Let me know what you think about it in the comments below, and do not hesitate to contact me though my socials.
Thank you!

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